OLOL Accelerated Nursing Pharm Notes - page 7

I have the complete notes for OLOL Acclerated RN Program in Pharm (Nurs 100) if someone would like them. The class is extraordinarily difficult, and it would be wise to check out the material prior to class starting.... Read More

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    I cannot get to 15 posts soon enough. Just trying to pm someone so I can get old notes! Anyway, I sent in my stuff for the OLOL ASN at Tulane for fall 2010, does anyone know if you get accepted to the one you put on your application, can you still be considered for the other 2 programs?

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    Are the pharma notes still available? I am order the pharma book on line later this week and would like a copy of the notes. How do you send a PM on this website?
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    I just got accepted into the program, are these notes still available?
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    I got into the program as well. Can anyone please send me the notes as well......please, please, pretty please, with a cherry on top and whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles.
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    I would really appreciate the notes, too, please!

    I am applying for the Tulane program starting in July (I have met with the woman there to go over my transcripts twice and have high hopes) and I only have one prereq left to take in the Spring - chem. So I'd love to start studying for pharma and anything else after Fall finals are up. Thanks!
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    Hey everyone, I would definitely get the books and start reading and doing all the questions at the end of each chapter. I didnt do well enough to progress and have to retake the class in January. Im looking forward to the class and actually understanding some of the key concepts. I will try to down load the class notes and get them on a system other then where they are currently located. If I get this done, I could send them to you. There is a file for each section, maybe 1 large file for 4-5 chapters. Ie. CNS drugs is in 2 sections I believe but it covers about 5 or 6 chapters in the book. I will try to attach the schedule that was used in the fall term. It will help with understanding the flow of the class. Send me a note at my screen name at the yahoo
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    Thanks Bundi! I actually emailed you today! Hope to hear from you soon..

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