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:wavey: Hey ....Does anyone work at North Oaks in Hammond, LA.? I might be hired there in the next couple of weeks and just wanted to get a feel for how they treat their staff. I am really excited when I interviewed there, but... Read More

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    What's the difference between telemetry north and telemetry south? Also, are the benefits worth the pay difference between benefitted and non-benefitted employees?

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    Do you know how long the CNA program is and how much they start you on?
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    I interviewed at the employment center on Tuesday for a position on Telemtry south. I have not gotten a call yet. Would it be pushy to call or email the interviewer? I really want the job, but I don't want to wait around if I have no chance. Any thoughts?
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    I would wait about a week before calling. I work at North Oaks and that is usually how long it takes before getting the call.
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    Well, I never heard anything and it's been 10 days. I emailed the Employment center interviewer twice and she never responded. I'm aggrivated that if they don't want me, why won't they just let me know? I would like feedback in case I'm doing something wrong during the interviews. It's not fair to leave me hanging.
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    The oaks used to be a good place to work! In 2010 NOMC began taking benefits, pay, and jobs from their employees to pay for all the building. Before the cuts the patient satisfaction scores where in the 90's% and it was about 50/50 with skilled versus new grads. Now it is mostly 80% new grads and the scores have been as low as 2% on some units! The doctors are very aggravated with the facility. The employees are constantly blammed for everything, when obviously it is poor management! Quoted a md exactly, who has worked at the oaks for many years, "nothing will change here till management changes!" Quit blamming your nurses and start taking responsibility for your own poor decisions!

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