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Im seeing some older topics, would any of the new graduates from Louisiana care to weigh in? Im most interested in seeing some numbers for the Northern LA area (Shreveport, Monroe, Ruston). Thanks!... Read More

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    I graduated from McNeese... I was working as a nurse extern at a hospital in Lake Charles, but did not accept a job there. Base pay would have been $18.25

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    Also, I was offered a position at St. Francis on Friday (but I had already accepted the position in Ruston). Base pay is $20.15 at St. Francis. $4 shift diff and $2.50 for weekends
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    Quote from Katie71275
    I attend LA Tech and although it is an ADN program, the grads from this school are highly respected and knowledgeable.
    ULM and Grambling State University have good programs. Im not sure about other schools throughout the state.
    I am trying to get into La Tech n need some help Katie I was wondering if u could help since u Havel been there and done that
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    Kathryn-Sure thing! If it will let you pm me you can do that or you can just ask your question here if you like.

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