NCLEX Pass rate..Interesting..but accurate?

  1. I was researching NCLEX pass rates for the state, just to see how our notoriously poor education system prepared our future nurses..and I was surprised by this..In 2000, Louisiana had the third highest NCLEX pass rate at 90.4%..and in 2004 the second highest with 91.7%.

    Does anyone know if this is accurate? Because if it is, then I will be more than proud to be a nurse educated in Louisiana.
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Looks like for 2005 they were at #12, but still not bad at all.

    Seems like the state board has a lower threshold for placing a program on probation for low pass rates, compared to many other states.
  4. by   LanellRN
    Why would you feel the education system was poor in educating future nurses? Were you poorly educated or are you just a poorly trained nurse? I have my BSN from a Louisiana school and my MSN and I am an instructor in a Louisiana school and I personally feel the education the students are getting is very good. It may not be great but it is very good. I think you may need to research your Louisiana nursing schools because in my graduating class of 86 nursing students we had 100% passing on the NCLEX.

    I have also been a travel nurse and I had more experience and knowlegde than the nurse that were nurses for all my life.

    Proud Louisiana Nursing Graduate
  5. by   jpizzle11
    "Why would you feel the education system was poor in educating future nurses?"

    Probably because our public schools in general rank some of the lowest in the nation?
  6. by   psychRN319
    Southeastern has one of the best nursing programs in the South, maybe even the country. GO LIONS!!
  7. by   Katie71275
    I think the reason LA has such high NCLEX rates is b/c in general our programs are harder. I know at my school, 80% is the lowest C you can make without failing the class...Bc of that, many students fail out....which are students who might not pass the NCLEX kwim? So their standards keep the NCLEX pass rate high(of course the good programs as well!)