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Metairie/New Orleans Jobs

  1. 0 Hi everyone!

    I will be moving to Metairie next May 2013. I am a med-surg nurse of 5 years and recently started prn at a psychiatric facility. I am very familiar with the New Orleans area. I am currently living in Memphis.

    My question is what hospitals are the best to work for? Pay? Patient/nurse ratio?
    Browsing the current job listings it appears that there are a ton of RN jobs right now in the New Orleans area.

    East Jefferson? Oschner? Tulane? River Oaks? Suggestions...
    Or out of hospital jobs? home health? etc.

    Any comments/suggestions welcome!


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    I am still in school, but my favorite clinical rotation was at Ochsner. My friends who have already graduated either work their or want to :-) Ochsner does team nursing in most departments. Hope that helps!
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    Hi! I'm considering moving to NOLA, just curious how things worked out for you!
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    Stay away from ochsner... just... don't... do it.
    "Power of One" my a**
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    The thing with ochsner is you either buy into their "lifestyle" or you don't. So as an employee you either love it or you hate it, there isn't an in between. As a patient, myself, I have been less than thrilled with ochsner practices and have switched to other clinics. However, I haven't had any major prob with their peds dept for my son (who has a rare disease) as of yet.