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Hey guys...I started the LSU Fall 2013 Thread and got wait listed :unsure:... haven't heard anything back from them except that all their spots are full. So I'm getting ready to apply for their... Read More

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    @keylimesqueez That is awesome!! You have amazing scores! You will for sure get accepted, good luck to you!! Are you applying to both LSU and Charity?
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    Yes I did apply to both. Still undecided on what I will choose if I get accepted to both. Each program has their pros and cons.
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    @keylimesqueez; I agree! I am undecided myself.. but I am not feeling confident at all with getting accepted for some reason... Hopefully at least one school takes me and my scores!! I know we all need this, so good luck to us all! Are you prepared for interview process if you get invited to interview with LSU?
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    Not really. In general, I interview well (at least in the "real" world - I'm a career changer). I think the biggest thing with any interview is to be confident, try to stay focused on the question you are asked, be yourself and remember that the people interviewing are prob uncomfortable as well (I know I am when on that side of the table) It's a student panel that does the interviews from what I understand.
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    My friend in the aBSN program said to study the mission vision and values.
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    Thanks for all your help.... Any suggestions with Charity? I am so nervous I will not get accepted anywhere! I absolutely HATE this wait process!! I tried to calculate my own profile score and I think I have a 75.. Not exactly strong I know, that's why I am so nervous! I applied last semester (just to try...) and I got denied, but since then, I upped everything. I went from a 60 profile score to a 75, Hesi of 70% to a 78% and my GPA went from a 3.4 to a 3.6.. So I hope that it helps me to get in somewhere! At this point, I will go anywhere I can!
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    I think the cut off for charity last semester was 70. But that's just what I've read from lurking on the boards here.

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