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    Quote from kadams1025
    The background check that you will be paying for is separate from the lsbn application. But the state board of nursing does their own background check on you. You don't need any money right away. They will tell you when your deadline is to turn in the application, money, and fingerprints. On the topic of scrubs, I was and still am clueless as to which ones are best! But I had black scrubs (don't recommend) but definitely recommend dark ones bc of spillage

    This has been a huge help, thanks so much! Also, besides what's listed on the nursing homepage, any recommendations on what to bring to orientation? Or what to wear? Can't wait y'all!

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    I got a letter in the mail. It basically just had all the information for the intro to nursing class and what to bring to orientation. Has anybody else gotten it yet? What should we wear to orientation, does anyone know?
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    I hope orientation has been helpful for everyone. I know it tends to get boring sitting in a classroom listening to speaker after speaker give their speech. Hopefully tomorrow's scavenger hunt will make things a little more bearable and fun. Congratulations everyone for getting into nursing school. Your journey to become a nurse starts on August 14th, but at least there is a back to school party to make the transition a little easier. See everyone tomorrow.
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    Yep! I am! Scared me to get the letter. I wasn't home and had my mom open it for me while I listened on the phone for what seemed like FOREVER!

    It was my first attempt at the application process for thee program and man was I biting my nails waiting for a response.

    So far it's great. Need to study harder though and different from how I have studied in the past.
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