LSU School of Nursing FALL 2013

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    Fall 2013 LSU program...anyone else out there?!
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    Just sent in my application...
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    Quote from cloewe4950
    Just sent in my application...
    Are you a first time applicant? I applied for Spring 2013 and forgot to put that I was currently enrolled in a fine arts elective. They sent me a letter saying I wasn't a qualified applicant so I had to submit a brand new application
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    Anxiously awaiting the phone call about interviews!!
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    Quote from dpete18
    Anxiously awaiting the phone call about interviews!!
    Ditto! They called when they got my app to confirm that I was applying to the BSN program not the accelerated so I saved the phone # in my cell! Lol
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    GOT MY PHONE CALL FOR MY INTERVIEW!!! I can't breathe! Lol anyone else get a call???
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    No and I'm so nervous that I won't get a call!! When is the interview date?
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    Interview is next Saturday the 16th 9am... Very nervous!!!
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    I still haven't gotten a call yet!! SO NERVOUS! I do get random calls from other area codes, so the phone number should be a 504 area code, obviously?
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    Just scheduled my interview for the 16th at 10!!! I'm so excited and nervous!!