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Is anyone applying to the LSU Traditional BSN program for Spring 2013? I haven't applied yet but plan on doing so. I'm really nervous, I have gone to a couple different schools so I think that my cumalitive GPA is around 3.13 but... Read More

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    no acceptance letter for me yet as far as i know no denials or "wait list" letters have been sent.

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    They are probably going to wait till after the 7th to send anything else out because that when the people that got accepted have to let them know by. so if some people decide not to go they will accept some that they have not send letters too yet. at least im hoping =(
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    I spoke to a lsu advisor earlier today. They're still in process of selection. Basically, not all acceptance letters have been mailed out yet. Theyre still pending and will out more very soon. And I don't think only acceptance go out first. So far yeah there are acceptances that been mailed out last week but I'm sure there were denial letters too. It wouldn't be fair to only mail out acceptance first. Denial letters should also be notify in advance also. Not everyone read or go on this forum. So, we can't really determine that only acceptable went out. Just saying...
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    Acceptances* autocorrect -_-
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    I think for those that have their letter early have a different respond date than to those with later letters. It really all depends. My friend whose a student there told me she didn't get hers till 2 weeks after they started mailing out. :/
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    thank you thuyti3n! i feel a lot better now
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    I know how you feel with this waiting. It's very aggravating! Let's hope the next group or bunch of mails will be ours! I keep reminding myself my grades are good and interview went well. :/ GOODLUCK!
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    I didn't get any letter yet either and getting super nervous.
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    @KristenNola I didn't receive a green sheet either but I activated my account already to see if I get an email for any instructions about advising and all those medical forms, etc. The forms under new students aren't updated though, so I might call the school today and find out if we still use them or If they're going to change them to 2013. When's your orientation date?

    Also, is anyone from the norhshore going to commute??
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    @baileect, how did you activate your account? They sent you an activation letter? My orientation date is on Jan. 4, I can't belive that classes start on the 7th! That's like right around the corner! Is your orientation date the same?

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