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Hi everybody, Im new to this site and could really use some advice. Im starting LSU traditional BSN program. Was wondering if anyone has any advice about what to expect and what I should do to prepare. Also if anyone is... Read More

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    thank you! so helpful

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    @perkinsflower , was 3.7 your GPA for your required nursing pre-reqs? Because my overall GPA is around a 3.1 but my pre-reqs are 3.75. I'm nervous that the overall will hurt me. I'm applying for Spring 2013. I also heard that the first year of LSU is insanely hard, is that true? How hard is it to get an A in Physio? I'm so nervous!
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    @KristenNola, yes. My cumulative was a 3.0, but when you go to LSU they only evaluate your GPA in your prereqs and carry that over into what counts toward your GPA at LSU. I wouldn't say that the first year is insanely hard. It's hard but it's manageable, I even worked part-time. But it depends on what course load you plan on carrying the first semester, what kind of student you are, what kind of support you have, what else is going on in your life, what kind of social life you want to have... it's different for everyone. I took abnormal psychology before I went there, and I strongly recommend that you get it over with because it's one less thing for you to take while you're trying to deal with physiology. If you haven't taken A&P I and II (with labs) you can elect to do that, but I went ahead and retook anatomy at LSU because I wanted the cadaver experience, and because I figured it would help me remember some of the finer points during physiology (which it did).

    An A in physiology... I think I only know of one or two students who currently have them. I have a B and I think I'm still in the minority. Most people are getting a C if they aren't counting the points they need on the final to pass the course. The issue students have with physiology is that you learn the processes in class, but you have to adapt your way of thinking to how the questions are asked (which is anything but straightforward). I did pretty well on the first two exams but the exams got progressively harder and the questions got more obtuse. If he runs the course the same way he did this semester, he will have two options for exam times. ALWAYS sign up for the later time! It gives you two and a half more hours to study and get yourself in the right frame of mind, and you will be able to talk to students who just took the exam as they come out of the testing center to see how the exam was and what was on it to give you some direction as far as what you're going into. Read the chapters beforehand, print out your lecture slides to follow along (he doesn't allow laptops in class) and GET A GOOD TAPE RECORDER. A few of the lecturers are NOT the easiest to understand and you may even find yourself zoning out because it is so easy to get lost in that class, and it really is best to have a record of EVERYTHING that comes out of the instructor's mouth during lecture.

    I hope I've been some help. Good luck!
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    Wow, thanks! That helps a lot! I guess I'll take Abnormal at Delgado in the fall in hopes that I get in to LSU. I have already taken A&P 1 and 2. But I really want to do the cadaver lab, that was one of the selling points for me. So I will definitely take that class again. Thank you for help!
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    For all past and current LSU students, do we pick what class times and days we want or does the person scheduling you decide what to put you in? I was looking at the course schedules and for the first semester theirs more than one choice for most classes and labs and I'd like to choose what would work best with my work schedule.
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    Not really. I got to choose what day my anatomy lab was. But as far as physiology, it's a little less organized; lab is generally tuesday, and if there's a thursday component (which I think only happened two or three times) you just show up on whichever day is better for you. Oh, and don't be misled by the term "physiology lab". Generally it just means you have another physiology lecture. The only "labs" we really had were on EKG and pulmonary function testing. The arterial blood gases "lab" was cool, though, because the guy who comes to lecture is a CRNA at Children's Hospital and has a lot of information to pass on.
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    So, I just found out that my pre-req GPA is 3.5 I thought it was 3.75 for pre-reqs. My cum is still 3.1 though. So now I'm really nervous. What's hurting me is that I have a C in English Comp 1. I'm considering retaking and hope to get an A which will pull my pre-req GPA up to a 3.78, what do you think? I still haven't completed Sociology and Micro but the recruiter told me I can complete them in the fall. If I retake English Comp 1 during summer before application deadline it will cost me around $400 out of pocket since my loans will cover a minumum of 6 credits. AH! I don't know what to do!
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    I had to retake a class too, Kristen! Don't feel bad, just get it done so you can get in!!! If your loans will cover a minimum of six credits, why not just knock out the sociology too over the summer and let your loans cover the summer semester?
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    @Perkinsflower, did they replace the grade you got the second time with the grade you got the first time, or do they average the two graders? I actually looked in to taking both classes but I work full time and can only take 5:30 classes and becuase summer is so condensed I don't have time to take both. I also looked at online classes but those are full already! But $450 is a small price to pay to help bump my chances of getting in. So I think I'm going to just retake it. I applied to Charity as well and from the looks of it from my profile score I feel pretty confident that I will get accepted. The only thing is that I'm set on LSU. I will be devastated if I don't get in to LSU. I don't want to wait another semester to try again if I don't get accepted. I know that a lot of people would die to go to Charity and I don't want to sound snotty but my heart is set on LSU. The requirements are different and I know that the grades I got for Charity pre-reqs are a LOT higher than the grades for my LSU pre-reqs. But who knows, maybe I won't get in to either!!!!!
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    Nope, they replaced the grade with the higher grade! I was in the same boat - I got into Charity but my heart was set on going to LSU and I'm so glad I go there instead (and nothing personal to any Charity folks, I just went to LSU and knew it was the place for me, I really love it there).

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