Loan buyback/ starting pay

  1. I've seen several threads about different hospitals' loan buy backs and starting pay. I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants to know who's paying what, and who will give us money for our loans. I'm particularly interested in NO and BR hospitals... let's discuss!!
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  3. by   MichelleRNC
    Ochsner New Orleans has RN loan reimbursement up to $300/month.:wink2:
  4. by   MichelleRNC
    Ochsner starting pay for new grads $22.50, $3/hr evenings, $5/hr nights $5/hr weekends.
  5. by   snickersBRaccel
    thanks for the info!
  6. by   dsoginer
    Just got hired at West Jeff. #22.75 base, $4.00 for nights, $5.00 weekends, and they have a loan reimbursement program that even pays back for pre-reqs at up to $400.00 mth.
  7. by   shawn_ICU-RN-BSN
    North Oaks starts at $21.50 with benefits, $27.50 without benefits. $3.00 diff for ICU, $1.50 diff for step down. Other diffs are $3/$4/$5 for e/n/w.

    Loan payment program is $5000/yr (GROSS), which means for each you of a contract you sign, you net about $3500.00. I signed a three year contract upon graduating, and I received a check for a little over $10K.

    If you have any other questions, let me know.
  8. by   southlandrn
    So if my loan balance is $5000, and my monthly note is $200...does the hosp. pay the $200/month? or do they pay the max of say $400 (or whatever that hosp offers) until the loan is paid off? Just curious.
  9. by   shawn_ICU-RN-BSN
    You can sign a 1 or 2 year contract at North Oaks (it would fall somewhere around 18 months or so). You are given a contract amount that will pay off your entire student loan balance, but there is a difference between gross and net. For instance, with a 1 year contract, it is a $5k gross payment, but you net about $3450. They take taxes out like it is a big bonus. Sucks, but it is free money, and it is better than nothing.
  10. by   dsoginer
    West Jeff wants to see your loans and will pay UP TO $400.00.
  11. by   strengthcouragewisdm
    Touro pays back $300/month and East Jeff pays $400/month on student loans. No contracts involved. I would also check hospitals in BR for the same type programs.
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  12. by   CHATSDALE
    do your math..getting loans paid off is definitely a plus
  13. by   snickersBRaccel
    does anyone have info on new RN pay at the Lake? I've heard that it may be lower than other hospitals for some reason?
  14. by   ejm8984
    so they give you the whole amount of what the contracts worth up front?