I applied to BRCC program this year. I need advice! Please help!

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    I currently have: Math-A, Art-A, English-A, Psyc-A, A&P-B. I am an LPN. I have taken all my pre-reqs at BRCC. I applied for the "generic track" this year. I have not yet taking the HESI A2 exam! I am so nervous about it, even though everyone says it is EASY. I am individual who has to study really hard to get good grades! Can anyone suggest any tips or anything about the HESI A2. If you are in BRCC program already; What would I need to make on the HESI to get in the program!! HELP PLEASE!! IF you have any tips or anything that is important or relevant to BRCC's nursing program, please respond! Thank you!!!

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    For BRCC (BRCC in Louisiana, right?) you need a 75 overall on the HESI and a 75 in each required section (math, reading, grammar and vocab). That's the minimum required to be applicable, and at the last information session they said the average HESI score of those admitted was around a 92.
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    Wow!! In the 90's! That makes me nervous!!!
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    There's a study guide you can buy from the bookstore or on Amazon. It works wonders when preparing for the HESI. Just score good and you'll be fine. You're actually at an advantage since you took all your pre-reqs there. When do you plan on applying?
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    I applied this year.
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    Hi @FlyaboveLPN how did everything go w/your application/test? I've been accepted for the fall.
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    Quote from Clandry225
    Hi @FlyaboveLPN how did everything go w/your application/test? I've been accepted for the fall.
    Yes girl I was accepted! I got my letter Monday.

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