Help! Stuck between a rock and a hard place!

  1. Hi all,

    I recently moved to NOLA and have been struggling (just like every other new grad) to land my first RN position. I just interviewed at Tulane Medical Center and was offered a position on one of their med-surg floors. So here is my dilemma, I've met two nurses down here both of whom expressed to me on separate occasions that I should NOT work at Tulane. They cited poor organization of the unit, dog-eat-dog nurses, and just all around horrible experiences at Tulane (one told me that she comes home everyday wanting to quit nursing). One of them recently left Tulane to work at Ochsner, and the other still works at Tulane but has moved to the ICU where "it's still not good, but way better than working on the floors"

    I know that as a new grad, my first position is going to be rough, no matter what, but these two accounts of Tulane has really made me question whether or not I should take the position at Tulane. I'm thinking about holding out for something at Ochsner to open up and in the mean time work at a flu clinic to pay the bills (and also volunteer at Ochsner to get my foot in the door).

    I know that I should be thankful that I have landed a position (even though it isn't in my ideal area) in this tough economy, but I don't want to take it solely based on the fact that it is the first hospital position I've been offered. I also would like to still want to be a nurse after my first year.

    Thoughts? Advice? Experiences?

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  3. by   DestinedRN09
    I completely feel your pain!!!! Do they work on the med surg floors? I would suggest going to the floor and talking with the nurses independently, because thats the actual floor you will work on. Also, some nurses cant be satisfied. Every hospital has its ups and downs, because I hear the same things at Ochsner, more so about pay, which I find hard to believe...But overall, do some investigating, talk with the recruiter. Do they offer support to new grads? And those two nurses can be among other nurses who are burnt out or could have been a bad day, many factors....Maybe you could link up with other new grads to see how they like it.

    Also Side note: Your plan sounds similar to mine! I'm not in New Orleans yet because Im still waiting on my endorsement license, but I'm going down there ASAP to work for a flu clinic and volunteer at Ochsner Just wanted to share!

    But overall good luck and let the post know what happens. Hope that Helps!
  4. by   BKCinNOLA
    Unfortunately, yeah, both of the nurses worked on the floor where I was offered a position. I've talked to numerous people in my life (parents, roommates from college, etc.) and I'm leaning towards working the flu clinic til something better comes up. 'Cause I only have this one life, right? What's the point of working somewhere where I'll potentially be miserable? And you know what, it might be a mistake to not take the Tulane position, but I have the rest of my life to find out what's right for me... I think I'm going to trust my gut on this one, life is going to work out despite the dilemmas, potential mistakes, and decisions I make now.

    Also, what flu clinic are you working for? maybe i'll see you around NOLA!
  5. by   hs2005
    I have heard mixed things from people working at Tulane, some people love it others hate it. I think it just depends on the unit. I would ask the recruiter if you could spend a day on the unit doing a shadow shift. This would be the best way to see how everyone interacts and what a typical day is like. If they are not willing to allow this, there is something wrong.
  6. by   mpittsrn
    I had a lot of issues finding my first job last year. I live in Slidell and for some reason couldn't get anyone to call me back over here so I wound up at EJ. I had heard mixed things and took them all into consideration but I didn't let them keep me from trying it out. I did a "buddy shift" and it was great. Everyone was on their best behavior that day I guess because after I started some of them did attempt to eat me alive. Unfortunately, I think it is a fact of life in nursing. You are the new one and they have to feel you out. It took about 6 months of hating it before I went one day and loved it. I think you start to like it more once you get your feet wet and get into a routine. I would suggest a buddy shift and maybe talk to some other nurses on the floor. Try EJ. It's a really good hospital and you can learn a lot. They have a great orientation and offer lots of classes. I worked tele and loved it. Now I'm at a hospital close to home and actually miss going over there to work. The point is, it's your first job and you may hate it for a bit but it'll get better. There will always be people who you hate working with and who don't enjoy working with you but don't let them get to you, it's just who they are! Good luck with your job hunting and if you feel that uncomfortable there, don't take it. Just don't miss out on an opportunity based on what someone else feels!
  7. by   southlandrn
    Honestly, you should take any job offered to you now. Seriously.
  8. by   sleepyRN2
    i could only wish to be in stuck between a rock and a hard place like you, now. i, too, am looking of moving to NOLA, soon I hope. I would certainly take the job, just because the present sour economy. Do this in order to get a some experience under the belt as a newly minted RN, then move on after a year as an experienced RN (only difference is that by this time you'll be in a better position to bargain) to a better and perhaps more promising position. good luck to you.