CSN Financial Aid

  1. Just wondering how y'all are paying for school. I know it will be hard to work while in school and I was wondering how everyone was paying for school. Are y'all getting grants or loans or stipends from CSN or any other source? I might need some help getting through the first semester and if anybody has any advice, it would be helpful, not only to me but to anyone considering going to school at CSN. Thanks all!
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  3. by   jemommyRN
    Although, CSN is not that expensive, I still took out loans because I was not working and I needed to cover other expenses.
  4. by   jtoddj28
    fortunately i've been able to pay all of the expenses so far, and just paid 1/3 of tuition so my classes will be held. i've applied for financial aid but haven't heard anything yet. but yeah i plan on doing loans since i've quit my job. i'd love it if i qualified for grants.
  5. by   julesradio
    I just got a Stafford loan that covered Fall retroactively, which means I get half of the loan in check form, since I paid all my expenses out of pocket for Fall...just waiting for the check. Spring gets dispersed soon and the balance after semester charges will come to me in check form. As long as you remain enrolled at least half time, you don't have to start paying back Staffords until 7 months post-graduation. I got the max amount for the 2007-2008 year and payments upon graduation will be a minimium of 100 dollars. Staffords are based on enrollment and financial need for subsidized, unsubsidized is based on enrollment only.

    Unless you're defaulted on a prior student loan, you're almost certain to get one. Worked for me and it feels good not to worry were tuition and fees will come from. In fact, there may be enough left over from this year to cover a few more semesters before I need another.

    Good Luck
  6. by   southlandrn
    I've been paying out of pocket (credit cards!) but I think I'm gonna take out a loan, esp. since so many hospitals will pay it back as a benefit...
  7. by   justblink
    By all means, take out loans to make your life less stressful. Most of the hospitals in the area are paying $400/mo loan repayment when you graduate. I took out loans I didn't think I needed, but I promise you it was worth it.
  8. by   StayingOnThePath
    Good point about the loans. What did y'all use to pay off the textbook fees?