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I just submitted my application to Charity School of Nursing for the Spring 2013 semester. The deadline is May 15, 2012. Has anyone else out there applied for this semester?... Read More

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    I just got mine from the uniform shop today and the lady said it was okay to use at Charity.

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    @Mie's Way, thank you!
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    Ok, so the ebooks are great when I'm online on my laptop however its taking so long to download to my phone (android) and my computer. Is there a special way to download this stuff to your computer or I just have to tough it out one-day and Download them one by one when I have time/patience?????
    It took Like a hour for 1 book
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    You're welcome nurse_van2014
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    Anyone hear anything during orientation about the student handbook being "testable material?" A friend told me this, and I am frustrated that I missed it, if I did in fact miss it. If this is true, aren't we supposed to have a handbook to study??? Where were we intended to receive this handbook? I don't currently have one, and if memory serves, they stated at orientation that they would be giving them to us. However, they have not (unless I missed it?). I am stumped. Can someone please advise? Thank you...
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    They stated it is on the csn website i think
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    The level 1 coordinator said that the handbook will be on blackboard when it is up and running. The first day of orientation they said we need to know the handbook very well, but I don't remember if they said we would be tested on it. Although, I do know that she said we WILL be tested on the syllabus on the first test. So that might be something worth looking over carefully now while we have the time.
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    Syllabus? We haven't even been to class yet.... are we supposed to have the syllabus? Man, I feel so lost all of a sudden. Wait, I think I found it... is it that 14-page document that doesn't actually say it's the syllabus?
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    They gave us the syllabus during the second orientation. A friend told me that there will be questions from orientation on the first test.
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    @StudentEtc, yes that is the syllabus. I know it doesn't say it on it, but she said that's what it was at orientation.

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