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I just submitted my application to Charity School of Nursing for the Spring 2013 semester. The deadline is May 15, 2012. Has anyone else out there applied for this semester?... Read More

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    Hello to all my fellow Charity Nursing stuents, I'm currently waiting on my letter of approval from the State Board. Is there anybody else here that is waiting?? Please let me know,I'm getting anxious!

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    My letter came last week.
    @tmlegros:I had trouble with lola this weekend too, but today was ok.
    Still No holds so I'm just keeping my fingers crossed for registration!! I'm a nervous wreck with all
    the horror stories.
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    @ Marchmadness, I know, me too!Also, no one's said where they plan on taking clinicals. Anyone else plan on being on the northshore?
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    @tmlegros, I am hoping to take my clinicals at Ochsner Northshore or Slidelll Memorial. Those are the only sites on the northshore that offer the morning classes I need. If I don't get into those classes I'll be heading to the southshore for my clinicals. Hopefully in future clinicals I'll be able to take them at STPH since I live in Covington.
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    I'm hoping for southshore!! but I think I need to stay of these forums because I've read on a few posts from fall12 that
    some people didnt have holds till the day of registration!!! lol
    *my fingers are crossed*
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    Ugghhh don't say that marchmadness!! lol I'm seriously hoping all goes well for registration! I fly out tomorrow for Orlando for my & my husband's "last vacation before nursing school takes over my life". lol So if I get a hold and have to go to Charity to get it removed I'm SCREWED! Saying prayers that registration goes smoothly for all of us!

    Anyways, I live on the west bank so I'm hoping for Ochsner's WB location. Oh and to nurse_van, I just got my letter from LSBN on Saturday.
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    Got my letter from LSBN yesterday. Took so long cause they were waiting on a letter from EMS about my certification. Ms Hodges called Friday saying they didnt have records for my HBV series. So I went on immunitrax and it was on there but still filled out the waiver like she told me to do. I am hoping to do my clinicals at Ochsner Northshore.
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    If it helps, my advisor assured me that they have worked out all the kinks with the LoLA system since the Fall registration. I hope she's right
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    I recommend you guys take section 302; you won't regret taking it, even if you have drive from the Northshore.
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    I plan on doing clinicals at ochsner kenner, anybody else on here planning on doing their clinicals there too?

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