CHARITY SON Spring 2013 - page 25

I just submitted my application to Charity School of Nursing for the Spring 2013 semester. The deadline is May 15, 2012. Has anyone else out there applied for this semester?... Read More

  1. by   mistiweedman
    ok thanks think I will ge tthe 2nd edition since I found one for $5
  2. by   jadeboots
    @tmlegros, I think the lab coat we have to wear will cover the underwear issue, but if not beige or nude colored underwear blends so you don't see it through clothes. I bought Landau cargo scrub pants that are a newer style at Uniforms by Bayou and they seem to be a thicker material. They feel more like pants than pajama bottoms
  3. by   TheBlackDogWaits
    Yeah, I saw the Landau's, but honestly, I think I'm gonna skip out of the whole scrub bottom idea, since we can wear non-descript white pants. I think I'm just going to look for white pants, non-scrub style. thanks for the info, I think scrubs might be the most affordable choice in the end....
  4. by   lobo32
    From what I can understand you only wear the lab coat when you go to the hospital to pick up you're patients. At least that is when it's required. All of my friends who are nurses or students said no other way around it, you must wear nude (color closest matching to you're own skin tone) when it comes to underwear.
  5. by   nurse_van2014
    @ arborraiz, I haven't heard anything and they couldn't give a date to expect a call either!! Sucks
  6. by   marchmadness
    hey yall since we're talking about books and uniforms
    can someone please give me some insight on a voice/tape recorder
    that I could listen to in my car.. How does that work?
    I do plan on purchasing one but with all the cost I would hate to
    spend more money than I need on something that may not work the
    way I need it to. besides I've never recorded lectures before
    and I need to be ready
  7. by   TheBlackDogWaits
    I've heard of re-listening to lectures on tape while you plant your face in the book, later after class for clarification, but not while you're in your car. I imagine you could do it if the recorder has a headphone jack, which it should, but you would need to find an adaptor that you could also plug into your car's iOS jack, if that makes sense? That would be where you plug in MP3 players and such, and should be either on your dash or in/on your console between your two front seats. I hope this helps!!!
  8. by   TheBlackDogWaits
    marchmadness, you could go to and look up "audio recorder", and just do your own research based on the reviews, OR if that's not your style you could always go to your local OfficeMax and ask someone to help you choose the most suitable one for you.... Just an idea for jump starting.
  9. by   marchmadness
    Thanks!!! I'm clueless
    I've priced a few and the man tried to tell me one for 150!!!!
    Guess I will just start basic around 50
    And go from there
  10. by   tired_of_waiting
    Just curious, does anyone plan on buying navy blue scrubs? I know they're not required, but we can buy them to wear in class.
  11. by   marchmadness
    Yes!!! I will, anything to save me time n the morning
  12. by   tired_of_waiting
    I was thinking about getting them for the same reason!
  13. by   jadeboots
    I already bought my navy scrubs on cyber Monday because I got a great deal on them. I fully intend on wearing them as soon as possible. I don't want to have to think about what I'm going to wear to school everyday. Plus, you can't beat the comfort!