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I just submitted my application to Charity School of Nursing for the Spring 2013 semester. The deadline is May 15, 2012. Has anyone else out there applied for this semester?... Read More

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    Have they posted the registration info/class schedule yet? I just want to make sure I'm not overlooking something. December 13th is coming up soon, and I'm getting a little anxious because I was hoping to map out my options before Registration day...

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    I'm waiting for the sections to come out too. I'm thinking this week since registration is next week.
    And to make sure, we register on Lola right??
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    @marchmadness Right!
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    @Mcphierce thanks!!!!
    Impatiently waiting for class sections to be posted
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    I just passed Basics & Pharm. Good luck to yall guys.
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    @hello6921 congrats!!!!
    Any advice for new students??? Please share.
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    Also ebooks or textbooks???
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    The Spring 2013 Courses and sections have been posted on the Charity website! Hooray!
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    Omg!!!! Hooray!!! Lol
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