CHARITY SON Spring 2013 - page 21

I just submitted my application to Charity School of Nursing for the Spring 2013 semester. The deadline is May 15, 2012. Has anyone else out there applied for this semester?... Read More

  1. by   mcphierce
    @heather0208 Good luck tomorrow! I hope everything works out for you!
  2. by   nurse_van2014
    Thanks to all that responded to my question about LSBN approval, I got my letter finally!!! However, my next dilemma is this: my immunitrax account status has not been updated to Approved!! I have paperwork in for EVERYTHING! I'm not feeling this situation and I pray that it does not hinder registration for me. Is anyone else having issues with their immnunitrax status?
  3. by   jadeboots
    @nurse_van2014, my immunitrax still says records matched. My intuition is telling me to worry, but my advisor and the lady who handles all the immunitrax stuff at the school assured me I am good to go for registration. I think maybe we just have anxiety that we won't get the classes we want. Good luck today to everyone on here. I hope we all get registered successfully!
  4. by   nurse_van2014
    @jadeboots, I thank you for commenting. I'll try and contacting the lady over immunitrax again and hopefully everything works out! Thanks and good luck to everyone on here
  5. by   Mie'sWay
    Did everyone register successfully ?
  6. by   marchmadness
    Yes!!! I'm soo happy
  7. by   cedes11
    YES!! Just scheduled classes....Anyone else scheduled for Slidell Memorial Tues./Wed. at 6:30-12:30??
  8. by   mistiweedman
    It is bull crap that they tell you 8:30 and then I try to do it at 8:25 and the one I wanted was already filled up.
  9. by   cedes11
    Where were you trying to schedule?
  10. by   mistiweedman
    I wanted to do Ochsner northshore during the day but ended up doing it at night. Which is not good having kids. But I guess it is better than other places. Just aggravates me they opened them earlier than they were supposed to .
  11. by   cedes11
    @mistiweedman I thought there was only 1 Ochsner Northshore and it's Tues/Wed. 6:30 am -12:30 p.m ?
  12. by   manda717
    I looked at the schedule. I only see one Northshore -Ochsner option. in the morning. I didn't see a night one @mistiweedman
  13. by   TheBlackDogWaits
    Registration sucess! Mistiweedman, ditto on the lack of clarification. if I hadn't been trying to register early I would've waited until too late also!!! forunately for me, I registered for the one clinical that no one else wants - but they DID open it way before 8:30........