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I just submitted my application to Charity School of Nursing for the Spring 2013 semester. The deadline is May 15, 2012. Has anyone else out there applied for this semester?... Read More

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    I went to the Noon session today and it definitely went longer than an hour! I parked on the street and paid for about an hour and a half...there were plenty of spaces when I went (and classes were in full swing). I called the school ahead of time and they said we aren't allowed to park in the Charity lot. Bring your admission packet with you. They're going to give you two more packets to complete in the next few weeks. One is for health requirements the other is for the Louisiana State Board of Nursing Background check.

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    Thanks! I wonder once we start school at Charity if we can park in the parking garage that they have?
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    The parking garage connected to the school is for faculty and staff. They do raffle off a few spaces for students, though, every semester. This semester there was some kind of deal for some spaces in LSU's garage, but I don't know too much about that. Most students usually park at St. Joseph's Church on Tulane for $3 a day or at Central Parking's Schott lot at the corner of S. Claiborne and Poydras for $5 a day.
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    Does anyone hav any idea what a typical schedule looks like for a 1st year Charity student? It would be nice if they could mention that upfront so we could get our life in order. . . . thanks for any help.Also, maybe all the northshore folks could reply to this post so we could maybe discuss car-pooling? I know there's three of us at least. That would save so much money!
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    Congrats to everyone that got in for Spring 2013!!! I'm currently enrolled at Charity, this is my first semester. @tmlegros, We go to school at Charity Tues-Fri until clinicals start, when they do it'll be two days of clinical at the hospital, two days of lecture, and one day of pharm. Clinical hrs are 6 hrs, and lecture, and pharm are two hrs.
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    Is anybody going to the advising session this afternoon?
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    Wow, went to the advising session yesterday and I don't know how I'm going to afford all the background checks and immunizations and whatnot. This is so stressful!
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    Congrats Charity spring 2013 ! Im new here so forgive me but is anyone having problems with the website that were entering our health info into?
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    @KristenNola-I hear ya! I can't believe how much we have to pay just to open up an account and do a background check. I'm a bit stressed too myself with all this!

    @Swhite7-Welcome! I did run into a problem. When I was trying to set up my drug test a page would not load and the page that popped up I X-d it out and therefore I could not schedule my test. I emailed the company and told them my problem and they set it up for me with no problem so that was a relief! I took it yesterday and the place I went to told me that we do not recieve the results, they automatically get sent to the school, so I'm hoping they get them! I thought that we had to send our results through that Immunitrax website at first but apparently thats just for our immunizations.
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    I went to the yesterday's session from 4-5pm. We have a lot of paperwork to complete on a pretty tight timeline. It's a bit frustrating, especially since they sent us our acceptance letters 2 months later than they said they would. Oh well. That's life, I guess.

    Anyone from the Uptown area? I'm looking into CPR certification courses around might be fun to take it with some other Charity people Let me know, and I can get some details together.

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