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can some one give me any advice about the teachers and ther program at charity school of nursing? tips?... Read More

  1. by   kubana87
    Dosage calculation test its very easy you need a 90 to pass. Its 1st grade grammar and its at the middle of the semesters. Clinicals are the most fun part you dont start until 8th week of school. From the first week till the 8th you learn basics skills like sterile technique for wound care, vital signs, giving a bath, positions, ROM, medication administration. You have to show the instructor that you know how to do it its call a check off. That always made everyone nervous because their watching to see what your doing and with vitals they listen to resporations and heart rate and you have to come in between 4 readings form what they get. But its fun I find that most people learn more when they actually get to do hands on instead of just reading the book.