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Charity School of Nursing

can some one give me any advice about the teachers and ther program at charity school of nursing? tips?


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What specifically are you looking for? Are you starting Basics?

i will be starting basics in the fall. should i start reading in advancement? What should i expect the first semester?What is the first semester like? are they any notes i can start studying ahead of time? i guess any good advice or tips u may have about the first semester of nursing school.Thanks


Has 13 years experience. Specializes in nursing home,psych,chemical dependency.

When you go for your advising, you will receive a book list,,,actually it is on the CSN website under currently enrolled students, click on Basics. You will need all those books. The book Fundamental Skills is important for studying. It gives you the type of questions that will be on your tests. Also when you go for advising, you will have your 1st weeks assignment of reading,,get a head start on that ASAP. Review your A&P,,very crucial to understanding later in the semester. The med-surg book will help you with your care maps. Always try to stay ahead of the game,,read in advance whenever possible. As for the instructors, all of them will teach modules at some point. Get your house in order,,you won't have time for any little "projects" at home after you start. Prepare yourself for an interesting, intense ride...they move very, very fast..


Has 13 years experience. Specializes in nursing home,psych,chemical dependency.

Sorry, the book is called Fundamentals Success, not Skills...

what hospital are u doing clinicals at? Also do u go school in the day or night?

I went to advising i have rcd the list of books that i will need. I am trying to decide if i will attend in the morning or night. i was orginally admit the the evening divison but i think they are tyring to fade that division out. Are the exam from the book or application?

Your test questions will come from lectures and the text. As the previous poster mentioned get the Fundamentals Success book and use it to prepare for each test, I can't tell you how many people had that book and never bothered to use if for review. It will help you more than you know. I am in NAC I now, if you want to PM about any of the clinical rotations you are considering feel free. I did day rotations in Basics and I am trying the night clinicals this semester, so I have seen both sides.

What is good study guide for the care plan and dosage calculations?

I think they recommended the Picklar Dosage Calculation book, but I would not buy that until you see how you are doing on the calculations. The instructor is very good about starting with the very basics of calculations, you should get enough review and practice tests in class. I used the Nursing Diagnosis Handbook and the Medical-Surgical Nursing text to help me with my care plans.


Has 13 years experience. Specializes in nursing home,psych,chemical dependency.

I bought the med surg book, and have used it repeatedly to find info and for my care maps. However, I also bought the care plan book, but my instructor advised we get a different one by Carpenito,,she said it was better for Basics students. I couldn't go buy another on, so can't tell you which one is best. The Fundamentals Success book shows you how the questions will be formatted, and when you get to a particular section in lecture, let's say body fluids & electrolytes,,you go to that section in the book and you have sample questions that help you understand better what you need to learn. I have almost worked the whole book and will work it again and again,,,put your answers on paper, not in the book, so you can use it over and over. My clinicals are on the northshore.

I have heard that we to take some calculation/ math test in the first semester and that we get 3 tries. How hard is the test? And do they give you material to study for it?

I know it has been a while since you wrote this last post from the date in 2008, but I live in Covington, and I'm applying for Fall 2012. How hard was it to get clinicals over here? How do clinicals work.....are they every week? Thanks!

The above message was for mimimartina...sorry!


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Dosage calculation test its very easy you need a 90 to pass. Its 1st grade grammar and its at the middle of the semesters. Clinicals are the most fun part you dont start until 8th week of school. From the first week till the 8th you learn basics skills like sterile technique for wound care, vital signs, giving a bath, positions, ROM, medication administration. You have to show the instructor that you know how to do it its call a check off. That always made everyone nervous because their watching to see what your doing and with vitals they listen to resporations and heart rate and you have to come in between 4 readings form what they get. But its fun I find that most people learn more when they actually get to do hands on instead of just reading the book.

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