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Hello everyone, I know the application date is not till August but I am already nervous and stressed about getting accepted to CSN for spring 2017. Anyone else applying this August?... Read More

  1. by   Whitneyj1
    For AP lab make sure you study everyday, pay attention, and take good notes it's all about your memory and knowing the different structures. Also it's about taking time in the lab as well so you're clear. For the bones I print out different things to label myself and pictures from the lab Manuel as well and made sure everything was labeled correctly.
  2. by   Courtney_17
    Hi, I'm applying for spring 2018 and I'm super nervous. Did you end up getting in?
  3. by   brookeg30
    This feels like a dumb question but if youre currently enrolled in the class but will have it completed before attending, can you mark it as completed on the Self-Assesment. I.E I'm finishing all my CSN classes this semester.
  4. by   Katab
    To anyone who got accepted to CSN in 2017 or before: Did they email your delgado email or your personal one that you put on the application? also, how soon did the orientation take place after getting accepted? some schools require the ones who get accepted to attend a few mandatory meetings prior to the semester beginning. I have applied for January 18, and if I do get accepted, Im afraid I will not be able to participate in my friend'd wedding in November (whoops) I just don't want to book my flights and everything only to not be able to go. Any info is appreciated!
  5. by   futureRN3_
    Hello, I just submitted my application for Spring 2018. I was recently in another nursing program but was not successful but my old nursing program cleared me to attend CSON. I am wondering when do they usually send out acceptance emails? I am very nervous because my profile score is only a 60.

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