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Hello everyone, I know the application date is not till August but I am already nervous and stressed about getting accepted to CSN for spring 2017. Anyone else applying this August?... Read More

  1. by   mfish96
    Hey everyone,
    I have recently applied for fall 2017. I was just looking over the schedule on lola and had a few questions for anyone who is in the program now.
    Do they schedule your classes for you or are you allowed to schedule it yourself through LOLA?
    I live in baton rouge so i am just trying to see how my schedule will be next semester if I get accepted!
    Thanks in advance
  2. by   C12H22O11
    I am in the program now. You schedule your own classes. It will be a predetermined day and with a time and everyone in the nursing program registers at the same time. This semester was at whatever date at 10 am. You can choose from a Tuesday/Wednesday clinical or Saturday or there is also one Sunday clinical this semester at Slidell memorial or something.
    Everyone has Thursday Friday lectures. Including pharmacology on those same days unless you have the option of taking it in the summer if you get in.

    I have a Saturday clinical, so I am in school Thursdays 8:30-10:20 and Fridays same and I stay for pharmacology till 12:30 after and 12 hour clinical Saturday.
  3. by   OnOn2NICU
    You self schedule and Lola is not reflective of the actual clinical hours. You will have to look for the clinical schedule on the current student's webpage to get an idea of the hours
  4. by   Aarceneaux94
    I'm applying to charity in August also! I'm taking AP I lab, microbiology, and a humanities over the summer, and the hesi of course. I'm super excited and nervous! I graduated from UNO with a bahelors in marketing in December and I decided as much as I love sales, it's just not for me. So here I am! 😀
    Does anyone have advice with studying for AP I lab?? Last time I took it I had a panic attack and dropped the class.
  5. by   Aarceneaux94
    My guidance counselor told me I could pick which electives I wanted to count.
  6. by   Aarceneaux94
    Quote from mmmeyers11
    Does anyone know how they accept your humanities? I have more than one, and hoping they take the one with the higher grade cause it will bring my gpa up, but wasn't sure how they decide which one they will count.
    My counselor said I can pick which electives I want to use.
  7. by   pdomalis
    hello! so i have just received a denial letter claiming my score was a 55 and that is not high enough for acceptance into fall 2017 my actual score was a 65 so she has miscalculated it. i ahev a meeting tom but im curious if anyone knows the score that was acceptable for entry??? i would really appreciate the information
  8. by   pdomalis
    what was your assessment score?
  9. by   pdomalis
    what was your score?