Charity school of nursing fall 2014

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    Hi, I was just curious to see who else was applying for charity school of nursing fall 2014. My profile score is currently a 60. it would be higher if I had a&p 2 finish but im not taking that class until after I turn in my application. I made an 80 on my hesi, but im going to retake it right before I turn in my app to try and get a higher score to replace the profile points I'm missing for not having a&p 2 done yet. I was just curious to know others profile score.

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    I just took my Hesi today and I am also applying for fall 2014. I have a profile score of 90, so I think that should be ok for charity. Good luck!
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    Last semester the profile score needed was between 75-80. Today when I went in the lady who accepted my application "couldn't say" what it was but she threw around the number 85 later in the conversation. Why rush it? Take AP2 and Microbiology and anything else you can before applying so you can both have a better chance and be more prepared. I just applied and have a profile score of 95. Had I not completed all those classes it would have been an 85. Those extra points for completing those classes are worth a lot!
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    Well that just makes me nervous! I've applied two times before and was denied. I just applied for the third time and my profile score is 75. Does anyone know for sure what the score requirements are?
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    There's no score requirement per say. U just have to make the cutoff score. For example, frankiedax has a profile score of 95, which is very high btw. The score is based out of 100 pts. They will take the applicants that meet the criteria and have the highest profile scores. Once they meet there cap on how many students they can accept, everyone who didn't meet the Cutoff score won't be accepted. I also asked the lady what the cutoff score was last application period and she said that the dean didn't want to put out that info but she did say that the scores were the highest they've seen.
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    I just feel so hopeless now!!!
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    Don't feel hopeless just have faith. 75 is a good profile score.
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    I will be taking my hesi this week and I'm praying that I make a 90% or higher. So I will be turning in my app on the last day.
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    can anyone tell me when letters should be going out for fall 2014? my nerves have been so bad and its all i can think about.
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    late March, early April!

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