Charity NAC II advice

  1. Can anyone give any advice on NAC II instructors/hospitals? We are getting ready to register and I have not heard anything about NAC II. Any help would be much appreciated.
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  3. by   southlandrn
    I would recommend doing your ICU rotation first because you will learn learn a lot of practical applications that will assist with your first two tests.
    Good luck, NACII makes you work for it! Also, I think all the clinical instructors get together and collaborate on giving the students a reeeeeaaaaallllllyyyyy hard time with the paperwork and care plan guidelines! I can't name names here, but there are a few instructors I would avoid like the plague. PM me for details. Rest over the holiday break because you will get very little down-time during the semester. Seriously. If you are married of have children give them a sit-down and explain to them that you will share your degree with them when it's all over, but for now you will need lots of time and space to FOCUS on survival!!!
    So glad I am (almost) on the other side of this freakin' course!!
  4. by   katb687
    I'm getting ready to register also and am very interested in an information that may help us!

    Crescent- I can't PM yet because I don't have enough posts. If I give you my email, is there any way that you could email me the information???

  5. by   katb687
    Crescent- You were a huge help.... Thanks!
  6. by   butrfli
    Hi Crescent.....

    I sent you a private message. Let me know when you get it and can respond back to me privately. Thanks a bunch!