Anyone know anything about Our Lady of the Lake 10 month RN program

  1. 0 I am trying to complete courses online so that I can apply to Our Lady of the Lake Nursing program in Metaire, Louisiana. The AAS program is 10 months long. I would love to find someone who went to this school. If I'm accepted I will be moving away from my family for 10 months to do it and I want to make sure its worth it.
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    I'm pretty sure the fall of this year is the last 10 month program OLOL will be offering. They will only be offering 4 year BSN.
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    Quote from lsupanda
    I'm pretty sure the fall of this year is the last 10 month program OLOL will be offering. They will only be offering 4 year BSN.

    I heard they are going to a BSN only program.
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    I've just finished the accelerated program at EJGH. I've heard different things about when the program was going to be turned into a BSN program. My best advice for you is to call the school and directly talk to someone in admissions or with one of the nursing advisers about when the ASN program is discontinued.

    Did you have any specific questions about the program? I'll try to answer your questions as best as I can. You can ask them here or you can private message me! Good luck!
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    I currently work for the Lake hospital and the Metairie program falls under Our Lady of Holy Cross which is still a ASN program. The Baton Rouge location will not start admitting BSN students until fall 2012 no students will be admitted in the upcoming spring.
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    I just started Our Lady of the Lake's 10 month ASN program in Metairie. The instructor told us this week that they MAY have one more accelerated ASN class admitted this spring before switching to an accelerated BSN program for fall '12. They already have a traditional BSN program, so of course the new accelerated BSN program will be faster. I would definitely have to agree with pinkpokadots though and call to ask for details before making any life decisions.
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    Hey, ill be starting the OLOL AASN program in Jan 2012. I wanted to know if you could recommend any specific study aids you used that were especially helpful? thanks pm me back soon
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    Hey DMark89 did you already find out your admissions status? I hear we are supposed to hear about acceptance in October but I haven't received anything yet.

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