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I can't find anything more than a short paragraph about it here: there must be more information somewhere? Has anyone applied?... Read More

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    Quote from mell260
    Thank you so much for the info! That must have been frustrating applying 3 times! Did you apply anywhere else?

    Did your friend with the 2.6 have work experience that helped her stand out?? I don't have any so I'm a bit concerned about that.
    No she never had a job or any volunteer work..there was nothing really extraordinary.

    SShe did have a vibrant,down-to-earth persnality though. And she had completed two semesters of a master's program in biology but could not maintain the gpa requirements. And we laugh about that now because just when you think things cant get any worse and youre feeling hopeless, theres something else better waiting on you. its all apart of God's will and whats meant for you, if yu ask, you will get it..on time .She just graduated from OLOL accel thurs last week.

    Good luck

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    Quote from mell260
    Tell me about it! I cannot even imagine the amount of material to be covered each day of that 10 months.
    Well i have no clue. I havent started the program yet. but im trying to brace myself
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    Anybody know how many letters of recommendation are required?
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    I received my packet and there are 3 references required.
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    Quote from myra985
    I received my packet and there are 3 references required.
    Are you applying for the Jan 15 deadline? I guess that rules out me applying then no way I can get 3 references in 2 weeks
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    Hi, I am applying for EJ, deadline is March 15th.
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    Maybe I should be asking previous grads this question... or maybe your friend who recently graduated could give input:

    What sort of schedule does the 10 mo program demand in terms of class and clinical combined? I have a three-year old who would attend Montessori during the day, but I'm on my own otherwise. Are night shifts assigned for clinical, etc? I'm lucky in that I won't have to work during the 10 months, but still not sure if it is 'doable' as a single mom, even w/out having to work?

    Thanks so much!
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    If this makes anyone feel better while they wait on their acceptance, a girl I know graduated a year ago. She told me she was waitlisted (you can call to see what number you are on the waitlist) and found out she was number 10, and she still got in.

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