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I am a nursing student in NYC who will be graduating in June. My SO has gotten a job offer in Louisville and I was wondering what the job market, hospitals, salaries were like in that area. Average starting salary in NYC is... Read More

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    Thanks everyone! You've all given some great info! I just this past week was blessed to meet a lovely RN from KY who led us through our NCLEX -RN review and also had some great advice. I'm getting ready for my move (maybe the Highlands - ?? Any other suggestions?) And am definitely applying to Norton and am interested in Kosair or perhaps the Psych (I don't know the name yet) hospital. I hope to run into one or all of you along our paths!! Thanks again guys!!

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    Hi everyone! I'm here & I passed the NCLEX - the city is great! Seems like the perfect mix of city with country hospitality... Thanks for all your help. I am living around the Audubon area which is home to a very nice looking Norton facility. I haven't been in town long, but when my parchment arrives, I think my search will begin there. Thanks again!!
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    Congrats on passing THE TEST !! And welcome to Louisville. I know it is much different than where you came from, but I think it is a great place. There is so much diversity and so many things to do. The cultural things etc. If you give it a chance you will love it !!
    I wish the best for you in what ever you choose to do, please keep us posted !!
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    Welcome to Louisville! Audubon is great- especially if you want to work in cardiac.
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    Good luck to you!!! I know that you will love "Louavul" =) It's a great city. I grew up in the area of town around Audubon. I used to go to the doctor there, and my two nephews and niece were all born there. I don't even think they deliver babies there anymore though. But anyway... congrats on finally making it here!
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    I work at U of L and LOVE IT!

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