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  1. I want to apply to a ABSN program however I don't have a lot of prereqs completed so it may be slim pickings. Ideally I'd like to get into EKU's program but doubtful that will happen without completing more of the prereqs. I liked the sound of Bellarmine's program since it's only a year. However, I have 2 little girls (2 and 5) and I have heard it is very intense plus I live in Lexington so it would be a good hour drive. Is it crazy to even consider? I know it's possible but my girls are the most important thing so if it meant not seeing them at all during the week due to the hour drive back and forth then it's out of the question. I don't know what a typical day looks like for the ABSN students there.

    As far as EKU's 2nd degree option, I will still have to take Anatomy, Phys, Nutrition and Microbiology when I apply to the program. I can complete these before August but I read they give you points based on what you have already completed. My accum college GPA is a 3.4 and I have a bachelor's and master's degree. Do I even have a shot?

    I just need some opinions. Thanks!
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  3. by   pecanpies
    Hi! I'm a current Bellarmine student, graduating (hopefully!) in May 2012. There are students in my cohort who have young children (though not many), and I do know one student who commutes from Cincinnati. She actually drives down Monday morning, stays in Louisville all week, then goes home on weekends vs. making a daily commute, which is what it sounds like you're considering.

    Based on what you have written, I think you would find Bellarmine's program very frustrating. Last session, I had class starting at 8 am three days a week, going until 2 pm or 6 pm. I had clinicals the other 2 days from 7-2. This session, I have class from 10:30-4 MW, 8am-9pm (with a big break in the middle) on Th, 10:30am-9pm F, and 8-10:30 am on T (my only slow day!). I can't imagine fitting a 2+ hour roundtrip commute, plus caring for 2 small children, into that schedule. Realistically, you would not see your kids during the week except for dinner - and that's only if you don't have evening clinicals, which you will at some point. Some people in my group have 12 hour clinicals on Friday and Saturday next session
    - so not much of a weekend, either.

    If being available for your kids and spending a lot of time with them is your number one priority, Bellarmine is probably not for you - at least not at this point. I just think it would be extremely frustrating to stay on top of everything and balance the demands of school and family, especially with a commute. Most of the people in the program who have kids don't have young kids - they're in school and have after-school activities and things to keep them busy while Mom's at school. Maybe in a few years when both are in school you could reconsider it.

    I'm sorry if this is coming off as very negative - I just wanted to give you my honest (and very blunt!) two cents. Only you can make the right decision for your family! Good luck.
  4. by   hopeful15
    Oh no I appreciate it! I talked to a recruiter for the program and she basically told me the same thing. My girls are my number one priority. I've decided at this point to go the traditional route at either UK or EKU. It will take me a long time but I still get to be a mommy so that is good. I appreciate your comment!
  5. by   amandakash
    If you're going to do the UK program - have you thought about their second degree option? It's not accelerated so you would still have more time to spend with your girls. I'm in the ABSN at EKU right now and I'm also in Lexington and I'm struggling just to spend time with my boyfriend, and we live together. The course load is set up so that you only have one class a day, but you're there for like 8 hours, at least the first semester. And our clinicals are 12 hours either in Danville or Corbin the first semester. Later they're in Lexington for the most part, and shorter but right now it's pretty tough getting through the week.

    Anyway, like I said I would consider UK's second degree option if you're not concerned about how long it will take you to finish or you'd rather not do it accelerated so you can still have a life. I don't blame you. Or if you have any specific questions about EKU's programs I have friends in both the ADN and traditional programs as well.
  6. by   LuckyinKY
    One thing I would point out is that it is best to get your non-nursing coursework done before starting a nursing program. I would start knocking out the A&P, Micro, nutrition classes now, that way you can focus on doing well in your nursing classes. I did this and it has payed off. I see so many nursing classmates struggling through anatomy and micro.

    You can start taking classes until you get accepted into a program at a community college or the school you want to attend for nursing.

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