UK Second Degree BSN Spring 2012

  1. Did anyone else apply to UK's second degree program for Spring 2012? I have been calling about when we should hear from admissions and I can't get a date because they don't answer or I leave a message and they don't call back. Did anyone get an answer from them?

    - Thanks and Good Luck if there are other applicants out there!
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  3. by   bmacleod
    Hi! I applied and haven't heard anything back yet as of Oct 13. I called last week and admissions said the letters should be received this week. Have you heard anything since you posted?
  4. by   ktmerr
    Nope! Thanks for your response, because you are the first shred of news that u heard! I didn't get any mail yesterday the 13th so hopefully by Saturday I'll hear something! Are u from Kentucky or out if state?
  5. by   bmacleod
    Still no mail today! Hopefully tomorrow.. I really wanna know!

    I'm from out of state- Massachusetts. You?
  6. by   ktmerr
    I'm from Georgia. So it's going to take the mail a little while to get down here. If I do get in, I have to get on top of enrolling into a CNA class as soon as possible! Well hopefully we will hear soon!
  7. by   bmacleod
    Same here, I need to enroll into a CNA class too. Did you go in person for your interview or did you do it online? I did mine online and one of the ladies interviewing us mentioned we could email her with any questions, which I did about two days later. I still haven't received a response for that! (and as of Monday Oct 17, nothing in the mail).

    Are you applying elsewhere?
  8. by   ktmerr
    I wasn't contacted for an interview, and i'm a little disappointed, but i decided not to speculate that I automatically didn't get in just yet. I'm guessing that is not a positive sign though, because I hear that they interview just about everybody. I just found out a couple of days ago I was selected as an alternate for MUSC-charleston's nursing program. I was really excited because its such a great program and very competitive. Who knows if I can get off the alternate list tho. Good Luck to you though, I hope you make it!
  9. by   bmacleod
    hey! I got my letter today.. I didn't get in but I'm number 2 on the waiting list, so hopefully I still have a shot!
  10. by   bmacleod
    Did you know you need to submit proof of a CNA class by December 12?! I had no idea it was that soon! I was going to take a evening class and hopefully finish by the end of December, because I work full time. Now I might actually have to quit my job so I can take the day class and finish sooner! I've emailed the school so I can hopefully get a better understanding.
  11. by   ktmerr
    That's great! Congrats! # 2 sounds pretty promising that you will get off the waiting list and fast. I got my letter today and I wasn't accepted to the program, but I am on the waiting list for MUSC-Charleston's program so hopefully, we will both get off the waiting lists! Yes, I read somewhere that the CNA requirement was due early December, but that really sucks if you do have to quit your job to get it done on time since your probably saving for school.
  12. by   aadrian
    Hi ktmerr,
    I'm also an alternate for MUSC....have you heard anything yet?
  13. by   ktmerr
    No , not yet. When I spoke to them about a week ago they said those who were accepted had about 3ish weeks to reserve their spots, then they would evaluate how many open spots there were after that and they go back and pick from the alternate list. Did they tell you about the same thing? Also I am thinking of reapplying and hoping i get accepted in this next cycle. are you thinking of the same thing?
  14. by   aang222
    I have an interview on the 28th, 2012. Can anybody tell me what the interview are like? Thanks

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