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LPN Program near Frankfort, KY

  1. 0 Hello everyone

    I am looking to get into an LPN Program, I currently live in Frankfort, KY.

    What are my school options, I know Lexington Community College has an LPN program.

    What other LPN schools are there near my area? I am willing to commute 30-45min..


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    If you have good enough grades, why not go for the KCTCS ADN program in Lawrenceburg? It is through the Lexington campus, but classes are held evenings and weekends in Lawrenceburg. I would have so gone for this program instead of the Lexington one, but I live in Lexington and didn't want to drive to Lawrenceburg.
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    Evening and weekend classes would be perfect for me since I work M-F 7am-3pm.. but I dont know if i wanna go for ADN/RN right now, I've been out of school for 2 years. I wish they offered the LPN program in Lawrenceburg.
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    You are going to have an easier time finding a job as an RN versus an LPN and higher pay. The BCTC nursing program has several non-traditional students, especially at Lawrenceburg. I am 30 years old and graduated in 2006 originally.
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    Did you go to school at Lawrenceburg campus?

    I wanted to be an RN orginally but right now, I just want to get in and get out of Nursing school.. My plan at the moment is to become an LPN then work + school to become an RN, I know the RN course is just 1 semester more but I dont really care.. I just want to finish something. My wife is a BSN graduate, She is currently reviewing for her NCLEX exam. thanks for all the info!
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    I am going to the Cooper Campus since I live and work in Lexington.

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