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Hey, what are some great places to work in/around the Lexington area?... Read More

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    Worked through MSN agency. Got to work at all the local hospitals and also in Georgetown. Georgetown was a small hospital, however, it was really "nurse friendly" place to work.
    Wish you luck..............Keep posted on how you are doing.
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    I believe you need to look at what type of nursing you are interested. All the hospitals in Lexington have up sides and down sides. I believe you are better off doing something you love and are interested in. I presently work at UK. I find it to be a great place to work. Like many of the others, I have worked in several local institutions, but have chosen UK because I believe you have more autonomy here than any other place. I also like the fact that it is a learning institution, which allows for great personal growth. I am very interested in trauma nursing, and this is a Level 1 trauma center.
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    Can anyone tell me why the board in this state is so hard to deal with? I tried to get a license there and paper work was overwhelming. No Clear understanding of it. Called 3 times to board office and was put on hold then disconnected.

    I am not stupid but I do think they left something out of my packet and cannot get a answer. Have had other thoughts about trying to cross the line and work in the state, if board is that difficult to deal with.
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    I've been an RN since 1991, and I've never had a problem with the KY Board of Nursing.

    What you are experiencing must be an exception. Don't let it stop you...there is nothing wrong with the KY Board as far as I know; I've never had any problem.
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    P.S. Re the move to Lex. area: cancelled due to insufficient funds.

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    Have you tried emailing them? I usually get a prompt and thorough reply when I email them.