KY nurses and students STAND UP. What part of KY are you from. - page 9

I am new to this forum and very excited. Just want to know where everyone's from and what they do. Peace and love. :lol2::lol2::lol2::lol2::lol2:... Read More

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    Louisville, Ky 22 years and now an educator!:Crash:

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    Live in Georgetown, work in Lexington, go to school in Richmond (EKU)
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    I live and work in Casey Co. Just passed NCLEX RN. Thank God I am finally out of school and out in the real world working again. It feels so good to be able to go places and not have to take a book along to study.
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    Western Ky, applied to WKCTC for spring admission.
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    louisville, ky...spencerian college lpn program...first quarter!!
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    Im pre-nursing students. Transferring to Cincy State and cont.. my class on Nov. Florence YaLL

    oh and been working @ st.luke hospital soon to be st.E
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    Louisville student at Galen College starting LPN program October 27th!
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    Western KY/Henderson area. Pre-nursing student taking all of my prereq classes. I'm actually going to school in Indiana, but I live in KY. :-)
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    I moved to Bowling Green last year from AZ, though I am originally from Northwest IN.
    I just got accepted to WKU ADN program for spring '10 and looking forward to it!
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    Hi, I am from Northern ky, the greater cincinnati area and I am in the middle of my LPN program at browne Mackie College.

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