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I am new to this forum and very excited. Just want to know where everyone's from and what they do. Peace and love. :lol2::lol2::lol2::lol2::lol2:... Read More

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    Started out at Morehead State but they didnt have a BSN program then so transferred to EKU - graduated in '82. One of my classmates is now the Dean of Nursing at EKU - Hi Judy if you come to allnurses lol. Anyway now live in Florida but started out with an externship at Good Sam, then worked in CCU for about a year, moved to Louisa was a nursing supervisor there for long time, then went back to Lexington at St. Joe's was the Clinical Manager of the telemetry unit, then moved to CTU. Worked at UK for alittle while and hated it so back to St. Joe's until I relocated back to my home state of Florida. Hubby was a state trooper in Ky so had to go where they sent him. Learned more in that little hospital in Louisa then anywhere I have ever worked. Lot to be said about rural hospitals!!

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    Hello everyone! I live in Corbin which is in Southeastern Kentucky and currently work at Baptist Regional Medical Center. I am new to the medical field. I graduated from EKU in 2003 with a degree in education and taught high school for 5 years. I decided that teaching was not where I wanted to spend the rest of my life. I think I was bored with being in the same classroom day after day teaching the same thing over and over again. So...after 5 years in the classroom I quit and now am working as a CNA at the hospital. I will be starting school in January to get another degree and be an RN.
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    In school at Madisonville cc! Work in the ED as a tech at Trover
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    I live louisville and went to school at JCC in Shelbyville.
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    Galen grad 09 LPN Red Cross.
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    I am so glad I found this thread... I have a BA in Communication from UK but recently have decided I want to go to school for nursing. I am looking for 2 year programs in the Cincy/NKY area so that I can get out, start work, and maybe complete a BSN later if I want to.

    I am living on my own with rent and bills so I'm wondering - how do/did you do it?!?! I considered an accelerated BSN program at NKU, but I'm thinking there is NO way I'd be able to make any money to pay bills. I'm looking at Good Sam and Christ, but I'm nowhere close to applying for either because I honestly have NO clue about the process, what school will be like, if I'll be able to work, etc. I've also heard good things about Mt. St. Joe, but also heard it was tres expensive. I'm not sure if any of the Northern Kentucky community colleges are worth anything. ANY info would be appreciated!!
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    I also will be moving back to my home state of Florida in a little over a year. Im in nursing school here at MSU, at the Mt Sterling branch.
    Im not sure if I will be going to Brandon/Tampa area or Naple/Ft Myers area.
    What does it take to become licensed in Florida? What part of Fl are you in. (I'm jealous, espicially during the winter. LOL)
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    I'm currently going to nursing school at Big Sandy (used to be Prestonsburg Community College) in Prestonsburg, but I got my CNA at Mayo in Paintsville last year. I work for a private doctor's office doing reception and insurance billing.
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    I'm at Big Sandy Community and Technical College in Prestonsburg, Ky. I am just finishing my CNA *my certification test is tomorrow! Eek! lol* And then I'm onto the Nusing program after I finish my A&P because apparently I did the wrong one! =( I can't wait to be an RN though!!!
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    I just graduated from the ADN program at Bluegrass Community College in Lawrenceburg on May 3rd and took the NCLEX yesterday and passed with 75 questions I have had a job lined out for a month and will start In June

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