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Jobs in Louisville/Elizabethtown

  1. 0 Does anyone know where I can find a JOB to save my life. I moved to KY almost 2 months ago but can not find a job. I have been a nurse for 3 -4years with Rehab and Hospital experience. Please help. My hubby got moved here to Fort Knox military base. Needless to say there are no jobs at the hospital here on base. HELP Someone!
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    Sometimes there are jobs on's just a matter of asking the right person. There's a hiring freeze going on in general right now, but that doesn't mean they're not hiring.
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    If your willing to travel an hour and a half, UK has quite a few RN openings. They prefer BSN, just FYI. I think they start new grads out with $21.79, so that will be the min. you can expect to make. Also don't discount the nursing homes(!), there is a **** ton of them in Louisville and surrounding counties.
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    SoldierNurse22 I am trying to figure out the right people but it is a challenge. I will probably just go into the hospitals and see if anyone is willing to help me. Thanks very much
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    JrRnNycole I do have a BSN and I will check Lexington at this point since I can't afford to be picky. That wage for new grads is extremely low omg. So for a nurse like myself with 4yrs experience under my belt, how much can I anticipate?
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    Not sure about what you can expect to make with 4yrs experience, but please take into account that Lexington is a pretty inexpensive place to live.
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    apply at bhlou , norton, u ofl hospitals..
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    Have you tried Hardin Memorial? I stalk their job listings just for giggles (I haven't graduated yet) and there are always RN announcements. Also try
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    Thank you guys I'm in the process of applying to these places. I hope I get something soon

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