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  1. I'm just wondering if anyone knows how hard it is to get into the 2nd degree program at EKU. I'm planning on applying this March but I'm just curious what my chances are of getting accepted. How many people apply each year? What is the GPA cutoff? etc...

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   sophie<3
    i have heard it is pretty hard to get into..from what i know they don't accept anyone with a gpa under like a 3.8 buttttt i could be wrong, that is just what i have heard!
  4. by   Charlihoo
    Hey hey! I'm currently in the 2nd degree program at EKU. I just finished my first semester. I have no idea what the GPA cutoff is (because obviously I haven't asked all my classmates what their GPAs are). I had a 3.7 GPA for my first degree coursework. I also had all As in my prereq courses. There are 24 students in the program with me and I think they said around 80 people applied. One of the girls in the program applied 3 times.
    I think they look at a lot of things. I mean yes, I think your GPA should be over a 3.0. You should have some kickass references, and a compelling statement of purpose. I certainly wouldn't let my GPA or the difficulty of acceptance keep me from applying. But also, spread your applications around. Apply at UK, and U of L, and Bellarmine too.
  5. by   ekuabsn
    have you heard back yet on acceptance?
  6. by   1wellnessnurse
    Follow up?
    What happened? Did you graduate? Was it what you expected?
    I am looking at a MS program at EKU (I'm a RN, BSN, COHN)
    (Master of Science in Safety, Security & Emergency Management)
    Has anyone taken this program?

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