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  1. Hello all!
    I was recently accepted into the BCTC nursing program at Cooper and I'm planning to take the CNA exam soon. I passed the class back in Fall of 2013 (honestly I never even read the book, most of it is common sense)--BTW I am refreshing so don't worry. How long was the actual wait time for your results? I know the KY Board of Nursing website says within 30 days but I'd like an average time frame for how soon some of you received your results. Also, what are the guaranteed skills over? I know hand washing is going to be tested, but isn't height and weight and vital signs standard as well with 2 random skills? Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   CNASuzy
    The best I can remember was vitals, hand washing and I had transferring from wheelchair to bed and vice versa and peri care on a female.
  4. by   claire43
    It's been two weeks since I took my exam and I still haven't heard anything back from them. My instructor told our class the earliest she's seen is 2 weeks but on average it takes a whole month. The two guarenteed skills are handwashing and vitals. I also had height/weight, ROM and nail care.
  5. by   JrRnNycole
    Thank you so much! Where did you take your exam? What was the hardest thing about the test? Good luck BTW! (UK has a lot of openings now!)
  6. by   claire43
    I took it in Morehead and the examiner was really awesome. She disagreed on my diastolic BP reading and let me re-take it instead of failing me right then and there. The hardest part was remembering the small steps in the skills because I was concentrating so hard on remembering the critical steps. But as long as you know the critical steps and remember to give the call light, you should be fine. The multiple choice section was easy. Goodluck to you as well!

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