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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am enrolled at EKU and plan to start taking pre-regs for the ADN program this fall. I work full time and travel around the country for my job. I am hoping that when it is time to do clinicals and nursing courses, my boss will allow my schedule to be flexible. I am seeing that students can be in nursing lectures for 4-8 hours a week. What do clinical schedules look like and how often do you go to clinicals during the week? Are some clinicals on the weekends?

    I just want to make sure I can still work my full time job (essentially banking hours) and go to class and do clinicals. Unfortunatley, I don't know my boss will tolerate me being out of the office alot so I am hoping some clinicals will be nights and weekends.

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  3. by   gnwithewnd
    I am starting 3rd level in the ADN at EKU and if you already have your prereqs done, you can do it in 3 days a week! The first semester, the clinicals are one day per week, (5.5 hours). The second semester, the clinicals are two days per week (5.5 each.) The third level is a full day clinical and is only one day. You have the option to have a Saturday, but it is not required. Since I am not in 4th level yet, I can't answer that one.

    Clinical sites have changed at EKU, but the schedule is the same. Good luck to you and hopefully, you will get all the prereqs out of the way so you can focus on your nurisng classes. (Prepare to have no life as you will be reading/studying alllll the time.)