Bowling Green Techical College LPN program

  1. Hello. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the program. I know it is a selective admissions but could anyone tell me how they do select and about how selective the program is. Any tips on getting in?
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  3. by   riquezada
    I am not too impressed with either the RN or LPN program at BGTC. I was not recently admitted to either program. I inquired about 1 1/2 years ago at the Glasgow Campus. I submitted all necessary paperwork, transcripts, etc, met with my advisor, and picked out a few classes I was lacking. I also have a Bachelor's and a Master's in Education and I fluently speak 3 languages, but I understand that I need SPECIFIC classes for admission. I was told that everything was okay and that I would have NO problem getting in the programs and there was no hurry do get things done. This instructor quit and I was assigned another advisor. I asked to meet with her with my folder to go over things, but I was told it was not necessary since all things looked "good". I then was assigned another advisor who also told me everything looked "good".This college has recently had a very large turnover of instructors.

    Its been almost 2 weeks and I still haven't been told where my "points" were assessed at or why I wasn't admitted. I suspect that my folder wasn't even opened. I think they picked out who ever they wanted. I inquired at another KCTCS campus through a contact I have there and I am tentatively assessed at 55 points. Their cut off was 46-47 for their last selection. I don't think that BGTC points admission criteria would be much different. I wouldn't put any weight on anything someone "tells" me there.