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I am hoping to get in to BCTC Nursing Fall, '09. I am taking college Algebra this semester, plan on taking developmental psych and A&PI next semester. A&PII and my CNA course in the summer. All other prerequ's are met, I am a... Read More

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    Quote from FutureKYRN
    I am not even on the alternate list!!! Plus I had everything but Micro completed. Everyone I know is SOOOOO UPSET! As of right now, I'm in the process of trying to get into Midway.

    I am really sorry to hear it. I wanted to let you know that Maysville Community and Technical College has a campus in Licking Valley, and I am pretty sure they do spring enrollment. So, you could try them too. I am in Georgetown and Licking Valley is only about thirty minutes from me.

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    Oh, and I think that UK does spring enrollment too. Don't get discouraged!:wink2:
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    Also, check out Morehead State University. They have a Mount Sterling campus, seems no one knows about the program, I heard they almost didn't have enough students for a full class last year.

    EKU also has a spring program.
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    I'm definitely not giving up!! Thanks everyone

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