BCTC Nursing Fall 2011

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    I applied for BCTC nursing program beginning fall 2011. I am thinking whoever applied should find out this week or next week. Anyone else here apply?

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    Me. Since I'm being considered on the minimal score, applied to the LPN program as well. Are you rolling admission?
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    No I'm not rolling admission. If you don't mind what is your gpa act score?
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    I had a 3.6, but they averaged all my college experience, even from a nonaccredited school (which I didn't do well at), and the school I got my associate's at,(3.2)....long story short, it dropped my GPA to 2.51 which is bare minimum to be considered. What is yours?
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    Mine is a 3.8 but my act score is a 22.
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    I only got a 19 on the ACT, so I took the NLN. You'll get in....I feel sure! Someone told me they mostly go by GPA .
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    I hope so and hopefully you get in too! Why did they take the gpa from the nonaccredited school?
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    They said they had to include every hour attempted. For me, that would rack up. I have enough college hours to be, "Dr. Juryizout"! I have an assocuate's, so I couldn't do academic bankruptcy. Anyway, letter me know when they send a letter. I'll do the same.
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    By the way: I can spell associate's, I just can't text worth anything. Predictive text......gets me everytime.
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    I applied and I hope that we hear this week...it is killing me not knowing!

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