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BCTC Lawrenceburg RN program

  1. 0 Hello ,
    I am starting the BCTC L-burg nursing program/RN in 2 weeks and am very excited! I would love to know as much information that you would be willing to provide reguarding the LAWRENCEBURG program.... including:
    info about clinical sites, parking, study tips.....( how did you study, how often, best ways to study), What percentage of the starting class usually graduates, the subject matter of when most students fail, what to expect or general information that former/current students wish they knew before starting!

    Thank you, thank you,
    Thank you, thank you,
    Thank you, thank you!!!!

    Have a greAT DAY =D
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    I am applying to this program for fall 2012. I was kind of wondering the same things. Sorry no one replied to your post, but now that you have already started could you answer some of those questions for me?
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    I'm applying for Spring 2014. Wandering the same things!

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