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I graduated in May and have put applications everywhere I can think of. I want to work NICU as it where my passion has been for awhile, either that or newborn nursery. I've had thirteen years of LPN experience in adult acute... Read More

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    Quote from natron20
    Something on your resume or letters or something has to be throwing up a red flag. I'm still in school and will graduate in December but I had many friends who graduated from EKU this past December and everyone of them had jobs secured in January at the latest. Heck several had multiple offers and were able to pick what they wanted.

    I would suggest contacting someone at a career builder service or something to have them review your resume. They might be able to see the problem.

    Good luck though.
    I'll be the first to admit my job history is horrible, but I should have been able to find something in the state hospital-wise. Even the place I'm supposedly eligible for rehire with. All I wanted was a chance to start fixing the main issue with my job history, and that can only be done by getting said job and working....proving I can stay for the long haul. With the sheer number of new grads in my area I guess the hospitals can be as picky as they wish, even if it means a perfectly good nurse now has to leave the state in order to actually get a job. My job history sucks, but how am I to fix it if I can't get a job?

    Also, I've had several professional nurses/professors look at my resume. The problem is the number of jobs I've had in a certain amount of time. Looks bad, but there isn't a thing I can do about it. I can't not list the jobs. All I can do is explain what happened and hope for the best. Fortunately I have finally found someone willing to give me a chance to prove I can be reliable. I just had to give up trying to find a job in KY to do so. Irks me to no end to go to a hospital website that has well over 70 RN positions open and I can't get an interview for the ones I'm qualified for.

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    Wildcat, congrat's on finding a job. I may be looking for a new job, but I know the market is tough. May I ask what area/state you found a job? Just curious. Thanks.
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    Quote from CRNA2BKY
    Wildcat, congrat's on finding a job. I may be looking for a new job, but I know the market is tough. May I ask what area/state you found a job? Just curious. Thanks.
    Greenville, NC
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    Thanks. I have less than 1-year of nursing experience, so finding a job will probably be difficult for me.
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    I've been looking for a job in northern KY since early March, with no luck. This is despite nearly 20 years prior EMS experience, a very high GPA (3.95), Sigma Theta Tau membership, blahblahblah. Even after extending my job search to the Lexington & Louisville areas, no nibbles yet. I'm open to just about anything (hospice, home health care, long term care, hospitals,....).

    No luck yet.

    I'll keep plugging along, hoping to get my 120 hours of clinical time in (SOMEWHERE) before my KY Provisional license expires in late August.

    Fun, fun, fun!
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    I was able to get my 120hrs done, then I was told I wasn't a good fit for the unit I was working on and terminated. It's taken me over a year not counting those 120hrs to get a job as an RN and I have to move out of state to do it. Like I said, I'm the first to admit my employment history raises red flags....but I should have been able to get a hospital job SOMEWHERE in KY.
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    It must all depend on when you put in your applications. I know of three people that graduated in December and had jobs within a month. Keep searching they are out there and don't give up hope!

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