Admission Fall 09 HCC

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    Has any one gotten their admission letters yet from HCC?

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    I got mine tuesday
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    hi there. i noticed you guys were talking about the HCC program. i assume it is Hopkinsville right? if so, i will be in the Fall program too. we should have a discussion group on here for everyone that will be starting there in the Fall or for all HCC nursing students present and past. what do you guys think?
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    I think that would be a great idea. Congrats by the way. I am so excited and nervous all at the same time. I was wondering will you or anyone you know in the program be working as well as attending school?
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    congrats to you too! i am SO ready for the semester to begin. i will not be working and the two of my friends that i know that got in will not be working either. are you planning on working while in the program?
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    I had given thought to maybe working a few server shifts at night. I am finished with all my gen. eds. I only have nursing core. And to be honest i need the income!
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    i understand about needing the income. have you looked at the class schedules yet? it looks like we will have lecture and lab on M&W 10-5 and we will have the option of clinicals on either T 10-6 or TH 7-3 with F off. that is just the first semester but maybe if you could sign yourself up for the T clinicals, you could work some shifts TH-SU but make sure you allow yourself time to study! My name is Carly by the way. Our letters said to be at school on the 7th by 830 for first-come-first-serve registration. i live in Clarksville and so does my one friend, so we are planningon gettingthere at like 7 or 730 so we don't get stuck with a clinical class that we don't want.
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    Congrats to you both... Im really excited, it seems like I have been working on getting in forever!...Im even more excited now that we have gone to orientation Im real curious what this unbound package is going to consist of. I just wish they would have been able to tell us what books are on it. I wonder if its going to be the same as nursing central for unbound. If ya'll buy it before me could you let me know whats on it. thank you.. BTW I cant wait to meet you both in the coming weeks.
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    Hi ladies! So how about that orientation the other day huh? Which clinical day did you pick? I chose Tuesday b/c i figured if i busted out all my schooling in the first 3 days of the week, that would give me Th-Sun to read, study, and relax a little. I wish they could have told us what was in the unbound package too b/c there is a great chance we could have gotten it cheaper on the Unbound website. oh well. no big deal i guess. i look forward to meeting you all in august at boot camp
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    I chose tuesday as well only because I drive 1 1/2 hours to hopkinsville and I would have to leave my house by 5:30 if I chose thursday. Thursday definitely had its advantages though; you could get out earlier in the day and have a day to study for the wednesday class.

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