1 yr. vs. 2 yr. ABSN programs in Louisville

  1. Hi, all. I'm still a relative newbie here. I'm a 34 year old graphic designer with a 2 year old daughter and I'm in the very early stages of changing careers to nursing. I currently work full-time, and am taking the necessary pre-reqs before being admitted to an accelerated second-degree nursing program. I will be taking my last pre-req in the spring of 2012, and should be ready to start a program in May of 2012 (at the earliest).

    I'm struggling with the decision to do a 1 year accelerated program vs. a 2 year accelerated program. I'm looking at Bellarmine and Spalding, specifically. I know I will not be able to work while I'm in school, especially if I do the 1 year program. Bellarmine and Spalding both offer 1 and 2 year programs. If I want to do the 1 year program at either school, or the 2 year program at Bellarmine, I'll probably have to apply by November of this year. I know it's a while off, but I'm just really wanting to give this a lot of consideration before I commit to a specific school or program.

    If you're currently in an accelerated program, how intense is it? Will I ever see my family, especially my daughter? I've heard from some people that it's not advisable to do a 1 year program with such a young child. But, I want to get finished as soon as I reasonably can, and start this next chapter of my life. Would it be a mistake to do a full-time, 1 year program instead of a part-time, 2 year program? Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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