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I have applied to the BSN program and am waiting to hear from them? Does anyone know when this usually is?... Read More

  1. by   blessedw2&ahubby
    not you...just a life "bump"
  2. by   guest10/30/16
    Hope it turns out to be a good one.
  3. by   jessi05
    Did you get in mlacy4? Or figure out the other school plans?! Hopefully you have good new and I can be hopeful with someone going through this difficult process!
  4. by   guest10/30/16
    Yes I did! And that's all you can do. Hope for the best!
  5. by   knondrejka
    Anyone apply for the Fall 2012 start? I got wait listed and I'm anxiously awaiting if I got one of the spots! Let me know if anyone has heard anything!
  6. by   knondrejka
    Has anyone gotten a letter of any kind regarding the Fall 2013 BSN program?
  7. by   knondrejka
    I got accepted for the Class of 2015 BSN program!! I start august 20th and I'm so nervous! Any advice or info on courses, schedule, etc. would be helpful!
  8. by   knondrejka
    mlacy, how was the nursing program or are you still in it? I'm so anxious to start in August. Is there anything I should know, anything I should buy, etc.? How much was your tuition? I have some scholarships, but will have to use some loans to help
  9. by   NLB32
    I know this thread is years old, but I am hoping someone who has experience with USM can shed some light. I am currently working on pre-reqs and planning on applying to the accelerated program for Summer 2016. I would prefer the traditional track but the $25k/year is a bit much for me! However, the accelerated program honestly intimidates the heck out of me, also. Just looking for anyone who has experience with any of the nursing programs at USM. Thank you!!