nektc anyone know anything about this school??? | allnurses

nektc anyone know anything about this school???

  1. 0 hi, i am checking into to nektc and wanted to see if anyone has attended there or has heard anything about this school good or bad. thanks in advance.
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    Sorry just NCKTC. If its anywhere close to what NC is, they just redid their program and its a heck of a lot harder now. They just let 9 people go cause of grades the other week.
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    I haven't attended this school, but, I know many nurses who have. It seems to be a good program. The clinical sites aren't too far from the school so that's nice. It seems to be a well laid out program. I think you'd be satisfied.
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    That is where I went to school for my LPN. It is an excellent school. They have an instructor there that is an awesome mentor. I hope you enrolled.