need info please! did you use caveduers in ns? - page 2

hi! i'm currently taking prereqs for ns and a person told me you use cadavers in ns. is this true? if this is true that will totally freak me out! i am hoping to go to neosho county, washburn or baker. anyone who went there... Read More

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    Quote from Snowii
    Ok you know what freaks me out more than cadavers...

    People in caskets at funeral homes... they don't LOOK dead... it's not natural. But seeing someone dead in a hospital room that died a few hours ago doesn't bother me.
    exactly! that is what freaks me out too! i haven't actually seen a dead person in hospital room only at funeral homes in caskets and that is what freaks me out. its like there going to set up and say surprise it was all just a prank!!

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    used them at ksu. loved the class but some people had issues. it was optional to even view the infant cadaver (we did not dissect the infant but did the other adult ones) but the rest of the class was not.
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    Wow, it has to take an amazing amount of strength to donate your child's body like that. I'm not sure I could do that, but obviously those parents realize the value that it has for future health care professionals.
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    thanks for the info, i didn't realize that kstate had a nursing program. i better that was very difficult for the parents to do and also for students to view an infants body, how sad.
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    I don't think Kstate has a nursing program. But you don't take anatomy through the nursing school anyway, it's in the prereqs; so if you were doing your prereqs at KSU, then I guess you'd have the option of an anatomy lab.
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    i thought that sounded weird that kstate had a nursing program, and i'm not taking any classes at kstate, i am prepareing for a@p next semsester at highland cc.
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    no nursing program at ksu (they do have a pre-nursing program though). i live by fort riley, did my first two years of college at k-state and then transfered to washburn in topeka. saved me the drive for two years. sorry for any confusion.
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    how did you like the program at washburn? are you happy that you did the BSN instead of the ADN? and sorry about the confusion on kstate.
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    i have mixed feelings about washburn. i never even thought about an associates because getting a bachelors degree was a dream of mine. when me and my husband moved to kansas i wanted to finish my degree and finally knew just what i wanted to do (it only took me 20 years to figure it out). i could not move, my kids were in school. my choices were very limited, washburn, baker, and a new program at wesleyan in salina - all an hour drive for me. i applied to all 3 and got in, i made my choice based on $ and washburn was the cheapest. i think in hind sight i would have gotten the education i wanted at a technical school because i do feel at least at washburn they focus a little to much on leadership/management/etc. and not enough on basic nursing skills. i dont really have anything to compair it to though so maybe other programs are run the same way. i love being a nurse and my fellow nurses have taught me so much, so i guess washburn gave me the foundation and now its up to me to build on that. going in to school though, i did have different expectations on what i would be taught prior to graduation. a side note i had no medical background what so ever, not even nurse aid. so i was really going into this blind. i just knew i wanted to be a nurse.
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    thanks a bunch for the info it sounds like you are talking about me, i am in a similar situation. thanks

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