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Does anyone know someone whose working as an RN that graduated from National American University??? Also how long is the RN Program??... Read More

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    They say that, but only the LPN, not RN pass rate are good, check out the linked posted above for the KS BON And I do believe that to be correct a friend of mine took micro there but then got into a CC with no problems.

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    I didn't even know they had an LPN program. I thought they only had an ASN program. Now that I have been reading this thread, I am thinking about going to UMKC instead and just getting the BSN. It seems like it would be a better thing to do. I did talk to an admissions rep at UMKC, and if anybody knows them, they know this is a top school in MO.

    Anyway, they confirmed that they have the same accreditation as NAU. So that made me feel a little better about NAU. I did look up their pass rate on the Board of Nursing MO site, and it was 91.8% for the ASN program in 2009. That's not too bad.

    This whole school thing is just wearing me out! I wish there was some magical guide that would just say, "Go here, this will work better for you". UGH!
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    The North Kansas City campus does not have an LPN, the Overland Park campus has LPN, ASN, and now a BSN program, though I think they intend on discontinuing the LPN. The OP campus was trying to say that they had perfect pass rates in their first year of their RN program which was an absolute lie. I was referring to the Kansas campus that I had issues with. The MO campus' rates for their ADN are descent: 80, 88.24, 91.18 in the first three years of testing.
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    I went to the OP campus just a few hours ago to look into their BSN program. They discontinued their LPN program last summer, they said. They also have a plaque on the wall that says their ASN pass rate was 100% and I haven't loooked yet, but don't think it was 100%. I've looked at so many pass rates today I can't remember who did what!

    So far all of my experiences with them have been great, but I don't like to get false information. That makes it very difficult to make an informed decision....

    So, just curious now, are you still a student somewhere? Or are you all finished?
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    I was contimplating doing their LPN-RN bridge program that started in December, but was accepted to a CC that started in January. Everyone there was really nice, but just from what I had heard on here, talking to a nursing recuiter (my mom's friend works for hospital in CA and she has been in the business awhile, she advised me to always go with the safe option, some if not most hospitals prefer to stay away from those who attended those chain, for profit/trade schools), and that bit of false information that they gave me I wasn't so sure. Plus it was weird that they kept calling me, I had requested information when I first finished my LPN like two year ago and they would call me every so often, to check in, tell me when the next class was starting, etc. Then a cheaper, equally as fast but public and certainly legit option arised when I was accepted else where. SO... I am still on my way...
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    Well, glad to hear that you are finishing your education. What works for one, doesn't always work for another. Any education has to be better than none. I, personally, have called recruiters at North Kansas City Hospital, Liberty Hospital, St. Lukes (plaza), and Centerpoint and was told the same thing. "We don't really look at where you got your degree. A degree is a degree."

    I am only writing that b/c I don't want people to read this thread and think that they have to go with a CC or they won't be hired at a hospital.

    After reading posts where people have called NAU a trade school, I decided to do some further digging. I may have already written this. But, I talked to Leah @ UMKC (a staff member of the NS) and she told me that they take credits from NAU and they have the same accreditation. I also called the MCC and was told the same thing. So that prompted me to call St. Lukes School of Nursing, and was told the same thing. So, I have the impression that NAU is not a trade school. They haven't been around as long as the CC or bigger universitites, but they have the same accreditation. So that information makes me feel a lot more comfortable with my decision.

    I think they probably called you a lot because it's a marketing strategy. Since they haven't been around as long and they do cater to the non traditional student, they are probably looking to recruit as many students as they can. The other colleges have been around so long they don't need to recruit anyone.

    Keep doing what you're doing b/c it sounds like you are definately on the right track to reach your goals!
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    If you look at the list of schools Kansas State Board of Nursing accepts, NAU is listed but it shows their accreditation in progress. Does that mean we can attend NAU and be able to sit for the NCLEX?
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    This may be due o he fact that there program is relatively new. My suggestion is to call KS bon yourself and ask them what the deal is. They aren't too good about updating some of there list. I was applying to a community college with a brand new program and they were not yet listed but I double checked and they told me they were fully approved they just hadn't gotten around to adding them.
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    I was wondering how long it took hospitalsteph to get hear back if she got in or not. I recently applied for the June start so application was due March 1st, what is the waiting period before you hear if you got in
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    I'm not sure how fast NKC is about the acceptance, but I saw a couple girls from NAU in CA and it took them 2 months to find out if they got in or not. Best of luck to you! I'll be applying for next June's program!

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