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Hello all! I just was admitted to MidAmerica Nazarene University's ABSN program. I am SO excited and starting to prepare for the exciting journey ahead! -I was wondering if anyone else out... Read More

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    I would like to apply to Mid America Nazarene in the fall but I am so confused on the process. I was told that you don't have to have your pre reqs completed to apply to the program. There is no entrance exam either. I am currently an LPN looking to get my BSN in as little time as possible. I work full time and I am a single mom. My question is if you were a student here what was your experience getting in and what criteria are they looking at to accept students if your pre reqs dont have to be complete. How many did they accept and what GPA was average for getting in? I have a few more classes to go! I just want to get in!!!!!

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    Hi MissKC02- I left a post on your other message board! I hope it helps!=)
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    I just found out that I may be waitlisted for March 2014. Anyone else hear back or also on the waitlist?
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    Hi Leroy! That's awesome news! I just received my acceptance letter the weekend before the 4th. I've been reading posts from past years on here, and it seems like almost everyone that is wait listed ends up getting in. Also, I've read that you can call in to see what number you are on the list. I've tried calling a few times with different questions and haven't really had much luck with people answering or returning my voicemails, but its definitely worth trying to call over! Congrats again!!
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    when does the actual program start in 2014? what is the deadline to apply
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    I was looking into applying to the BSN program here as well. For those who were accepted, would you mind sharing your stats - GPA, TEAS, previous healthcare experience? Thanks!
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    You should have graduated 4 months ago. How was the program (good or bad)? I just got accepted and I would like to know how hard it was, how fun it was, did everyone who started the program graduate, etc... ? Did you pass the NCLEX on the first try? Did you find a job yet? What was the best and worst things about the program? If you could answer any of these questions, that would be awesome. Thanks!
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    How was the program? Any advice for those of us currently applying?
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    I heard that MidAmerica has gone through some changes lately. Is that true? If you want to attend in August when is the start date?

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