Looking for info. on Kansas City agencys...

  1. hi everyone, i'm going to be moving to kansas city in july and wanted to start working with an agency. i don't even know where to start or one agency company that is out there. i've lived in philadelphia my whole life. any advice or information would be incredibly helpful to me. thanks so much.

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  3. by   suzanne4
    Going to move this to the Kansas forums as you may get more responses that way.
  4. by   forensic gal
    you might get the nursing news, I believe that you can go to google and type in kansas nursing news. It is a paper that highlights what is going on in the KC area for nursing but it has a good employment section which all the agencies usually post. The other great thing is that it comes out every 2 weeks. I do believe that you can access on line and then sign up and have it mailed to your home.

    Good luck,
    Forensic Gal
  5. by   TimBukWho?
    Cascade is a great agency that is regional. Here is their website http://www.cascadestaff.com/cm5/
  6. by   mscsrjhm
    Love KC. KC and surrounding area are full of HCA hospitals. HCA has their own agency- All About Staffing- pay was comparable, typical agency work- set your own hours if they are available. Also, as HCA employee, you had first call for shifts over other agencies.
    Sounds like a commercial, but I really loved this agency.
    They were located in Overland Park Kansas. Haven't worked for them for over a year, think they are still there.
  7. by   ExAirBagRN
    Check into Favorite Healthcare Staffing- their corporate HQ is in Overland Park at 95th and Metcalf.....www.favoritenurses.com.
    The KC branch office is on the Plaza.
    They have over 50 branch offices nationwide...
    Strong company, been around since the early 80's I believe.
    Feel free to pm me... Before I got into nursing I worked as a recruiter for them